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    Canadian Wasteland


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    Canadian Wasteland

    Post  trollmonster on Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:24 pm

    the infernal water was short eat a fort
    people love to eat the fort
    raining on carpets is what i get
    budda never deserved it
    japan was always missing
    a turkish smile leads the way

    fighting for our rights
    2 green lovers in the night
    infused with northern lights
    green carpet on my chest
    winning was the best
    purple walnuts in my breath

    we lift our face with shame
    with sour lips he said our name
    canadian wasteland icy rays
    the closet shirts will truly pay
    pens upset in many ways

    Joe Walsh in the Yellow night
    French Toast and forks get in a fight
    I Just Thought THat I might
    Purple Pumkins Neon Lights

    THe stars are in trouble
    cavemen created hubble
    I cant listen to words
    The crowd ate the birds
    Captains ship is in the air
    The shepeards would not care

    MIght might answer tigty
    as we flow threw the bar of soap
    we check are watch quater 2 fifty
    check the date 468
    spin around 550 wait
    and i reterate

    Lonley Cabin
    Lonley Cabin
    were are you
    were are you
    never look
    velvet book
    boxed speaker
    apear weaker


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    Re: Canadian Wasteland

    Post  0paque on Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:33 pm

    Thats good but mabey a tad long. Make a more consistant theme and something people may actually reply to.

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